Advanced Technology

iTero® Digital Scanner

Trü Orthodontics uses the iTero digital scanner when creating your appliances and planning your treatments. This state-of-the-art technology creates highly accurate molds, allowing us to design comfortable and effective treatments. It also eliminates the discomfort and mess associated with taking traditional impressions.

Benefits of the iTero digital scanner include:

  • A more comfortable & less invasive experience.
  • A precise and accurate final result.
  •  Avoidance of the possibility of damage when removing a traditional impression.
  • A quick scanning process.
  • A convenient imaging alternative, especially for those with sensitive gag reflexes — the process can be stopped & restarted at any time.
  • iTero is useful in a wide range of treatments, including creating orthodontic aligners & retainers.
  • A radiation-free laser.

The Process

When you visit Trü Orthodontics, our skilled orthodontists will use an iTero scanner to examine your mouth. This scan will help us in creating custom oral appliances that will be more effective in straightening your smile. This system works by giving us detailed, and accurate records of your oral health without the need for messy, gooey impressions. It also allows the technician to take 3D images of your mouth making the process comfortable and efficient. Plus, the process is quick, capturing detailed images in a matter of seconds. As this scanner — a small handheld and unobtrusive instrument — passes over your teeth, images are taken and instantaneously transmitted to our computer. Our orthodontists and team are then able to use the images to accurately predict your treatment outcome and create a customized impression that fits your mouth and smile perfectly so that you can achieve the results you desire.

For more information about the iTero scanner and how we use it to give you the smile of your dreams, contact our office today to schedule an appointment with our experts in Springfield, VA!

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