Self-Ligating Braces

Our experts of Trü Orthodontics in Herndon, VA, may recommend self-ligating braces if you are looking for faster orthodontic treatment. This system of self-ligating braces is designed to reduce your overall treatment time and give you a more comfortable experience with less oral irritation and plaque buildup.

What Are Self-Ligating Braces?

Self-ligating braces are designed using a special slide mechanism rather than metal or elastic ties. This eliminates the need for a band to hold the archwire of your braces in place. Instead, the wire is held in place with a clip or moveable door, which works to automatically adjust the wire as needed to move your teeth. This results in fewer trips to Trü Orthodontics to have your braces adjusted and speeds up your treatment.

Self-ligating braces also make it easy for you to brush and floss effectively, reducing your risk of developing cavities or other problems during your treatment. While self-ligating braces are less obvious than traditional braces due to the absence of bands and ties, clear brackets are also available to give you a more discreet treatment option.

Types Of Self-Ligating Braces

The latest advancements in orthodontics have made it easier, more comfortable, and efficient to wear braces. The self-ligating bracket locks the archwire into place without any elastic ties. This reduces irritation caused by previously deteriorated retainer wires that are often caused by traditional braces. 

Through a consultation with our orthodontists and team, you can also decide which style of self-ligating braces is the correct option for you:

  • Self-ligating R braces use metal clips that function in place of the brackets and bands used in traditional braces. They also have a lower rate of plaque build-up during the treatment when compared to traditional braces, making oral hygiene a little simpler.
  • Self-ligating C braces are less conspicuous than metal braces using translucent ceramic brackets that blend in with the teeth themselves.

The Benefits

If you’re looking for a method of orthodontic treatment that can give your teeth and smile the beautiful, confident look without any discomfort or risk associated with traditional braces then self-ligating may be just what’s been missing from your life so far. This advanced system uses light forces to achieve radiant smiles more quickly than before while never requiring tightening!

These braces use specialized clips in place of elastics to help guide teeth into position. They require fewer appointments and less friction because they don’t rely on elasticity, which is why self-ligating brackets are preferred by many orthodontists over traditional metal or ceramic ones; it also helps reduce how much pressure you’re putting against your tooth with each adjustment!

To learn more about self-ligating braces in Herndon, VA, make an appointment with our orthodontists by calling our office today!

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