Retainer Assurance Program

Worry less and smile more with our Retainer Assurance Program!

What Is The Value Of Retainer Assurance?

If you lose or break your retainers, it will cost approximately $598 to make a new set. For a one-time cost with our Retainer Assurance Program, you will pay a fraction of the cost for unlimited new retainers. As a bonus, a lower Fixed Retainer may be chosen at NO additional cost (a $375 value)!

What Are Some Reasons For Purchasing The Retainer Assurance?

  • Lost while traveling
  • Dog ate it
  • Threw it in the trash accidentally
  • Had to get a new crown
  • Stepped on it
  • Normal wear

What If I Need More Retainers In The Future?

As a part of the program, you may purchase unlimited retainers at a discounted cost. Any repairs to the fixed retainer are discounted as well. 

The Retainer Assurance Program can be financed during treatment for up to 24 months.

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