ABO Certified

The ABO (American Board of Orthodontics) is the most credible and prestigious board in orthodontics that was founded with one goal: to elevate standards for orthodontists. To ensure public safety, they created this organization so everyone could know what qualifications or experience someone needs before they can start their own practice.

According to the ABO mission statement, they have four main aims:

  • To analyze the ability & knowledge of candidates graduated from ABO registered institutes.
  • Limiting the license duration so recertification exams are regularly taken.
  • Help develop university (graduate, postgraduate) programs in orthodontics.
  • Be a spokesperson of orthodontic expertise & promote it globally.

The journey to becoming a board-certified orthodontist is arduous and takes 10 years on average. Ortho boards require candidates not only maintain their certification by passing rigorous written exams, but also demonstrate through clinical experience that they are knowledgeable about all aspects of dentistry including preventive care for patients as well dental treatments such as braces or implants who might need them along the way.

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